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K. A. Foreman

As an independent associate of Tarkenton Financial, I have greater access to current strategies for preservation of assets as well as the tools and products that support those strategies. Alongside Tarkenton, I focus on strategies that offer protection of assets, opportunities to earn credited interest, and the ability to create a guaranteed lifetime income. I provide information, products and strategies geared specifically to the needs of people in and near retirement.

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About Us

K. A. Foreman


Learn more about what sets our practice apart from other insurance agencies.


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We offer a variety of insurance products and other services to help you achieve your retirement income objectives.


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K. A. Foreman is proud to be affiliated with Tarkenton Financial, LLC, a national network of independent financial services professionals.

Tarkenton Financial was founded by NFL Hall of Famer Fran Tarkenton. Fran led the Minnesota Vikings to three Super Bowl appearances over his 18-year career and held nearly every NFL passing record at the time of his retirement.

Over the past 40 years, Fran has built more than 20 successful companies, the largest reaching revenues of $142 million. After discovering firsthand the value of insurance-based retirement income strategies, Fran launched Tarkenton Financial in 2003 to help people create secure retirement income, protect assets from market volatility and feel more confident about their financial future. He partners with dedicated independent professionals who share his values of providing great service and education to clients.

As an experienced independent financial professional, Kevin shares Fran’s mission of helping clients create a more secure retirement. By teaming up with Fran and the Tarkenton Financial network, Kevin has partnered not only with one of the world’s most esteemed athletes, but one of the world’s most trusted business leaders.
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Secure your future and see your wishes honored - let us send you a FREE copy of Tarkenton Financial’s Family Guide Book. This 20-page guide will help you organize your vital information for loved ones in the event of a family loss or emergency.

Story Behind Tarkenton Financial



  • “Trillions of dollars have been lost in the market. It’s a genuine concern for so many people. You may not want to take that risk. Let us show you how you can protect your assets from market losses, earn credited interest and create lifetime income. Don’t leave your future to chance! Call us today.”

    Fran Tarkenton
    CEO, Tarkenton Financial
Why Choose Us?

Our focus is not just on the bottom line. Our primary goal in working with clients is helping them find the products and strategies that fit their needs and offer the best opportunity to achieve retirement objectives. Our approach is informative and our practice is service-oriented.

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